“With every thought, ask only one question: “Will this thought, if I pursue it, make me noble or will it make me bitter? Will it make me a stone-head or will my fragrance be all over the world? Will it give me strength to make peoplpink flower.jpge happy or will it make other people unhappy?” (Yogi Bhajan everyday)

Such a beautiful quote for today. Today, I received some news and I thought, wow, how perfect this quote is for me. Because the news I received wasn’t what I had hoped for. My “thoughts” went into an “I’m just not good enough and I can’t do everything.” I stopped myself quickly with the 4-part breathwork and thoughts in my head changed to.. “Hey, it’s okay, you aren’t perfect, and you know what Kimberly, it’s not up to you, its up to God.” My thoughts could have spiraled that yes, like the quote would have made me bitter today and no, that is not good for me nor for others! Just know this to all that feel “I’m not good enough.” And the “oh, why me?” You know that victim-hood thing … Tell your ego to stop it. Breathe 4 sniffs in through the nose, hold for 4 counts and then exhale for 4 counts all while mentally repeating the mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma. It worked for me today and my thoughts changed to “hey Kimberly, your imperfectly perfect and accept you just as you are today! Let go, let God.” A smile returned to my face and it’s a great day of just being in love with me. Sat Nam.
-Kundalini with Kimberly (2/15/17)

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