About Dr.Eric Evans

Dr. Eric Evans Philosophy

Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to serve and help others as much as I could. I grew up in a household who believed in the power of healing others. I watched my Grandfather as a Medical Doctor help and heal and he would tell me stories and enlighten me with his ways that he would approach his patients. While briefly introducing me into the field of care, my Uncle on the other hand was a Chiropractor. I was inspired by what he did and how he could heal people with the power of his hands. 

As a chiropractor, the power comes from not only my hands by the intent behind them. With every patient I greet, I listen to their concerns, dis-comforts, and find the root cause. From there, I create a plan for where the patient wants to be. I believe in the power of Chiropractic Care and how it can cure the dis-eases patients may face. Meaning, the lack of ease in the body creating malfunction. I  want my patients to find that ease again and help them live the life they want. I want to treat patients as a whole person. Chiropractic care  assists in getting the message from the brain to spread to the body. And once the brain and body are connected through the nervous system , it creates optimal functions of the cells, tissues, organs, and all systems of the body. 

Understanding the power of healing-hands comes from a moment in my life where I was taught to be humble. In 2004, I went on a mission trip in Brazil. I wanted to spread my love for Chiropractic Care. But while I was there adjusting what had to be over 1,000 children, adults, and seniors a day. It changed the way I saw chiropractic care. I would get so excited about how many people were coming to see me, but it dawned on me about how humbling helping others are. It was the fact that they trusted chiropractic results enough to bring in their loved ones and friends with them. I went on this mission to spread my love and appreciation for Chiropractic Care, but came out of it with so much more and a new love to help others feel good and regain their health once again.

I believe that health and healing start from within, and that has been the heart of who I am as a person.

“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and whole heart.”

-Pearl S. Buck
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