Okay, it’s January fourth.  All of the holidays are officially over.  Hopefully, your stress level will slowly start to settle as we get back into our regular routines, or until we get all the credit card bills for last month.  The holidays are meant to be a time for giving and sharing love with the ones you cared about.  Today, we have turned it into a retail nightmare.  Having to get presents for all those people, some who you only see once a year.  Why do we put so much into the presents?  Is it possibly a hope that the person will accept you or love you more if you give them gifts?  Is it possibly a way to fill a void of self love for yourself?

Now it is all over and you are left feeling that you have to make New Years resolutions.  All too often unrealistic goals are set creating room to set yourself up for failure.  Because of all the stress and overeating of cookies, other holiday foods and alcohol, the most common resolution is to lose weight.  We start going back to the gym and start eating healthy again.  I agree with this however, most only start and never keep going with the healthy routines.  I feel that we should have a goal to start and keep up nurturing our bodies and our minds throughout our whole lifetime.  Fad diets and lose weight quickly schemes just do not work and often leave our bodies even more stressed.

In dealing with all this stress, everyone has to realize that we all have stress.  In realizing this, you also have to realize that there is always someone who has it worse even though you may feel that you have the most stress of all.  After realizing, this you have a choice.  The choice is how you choose to react to the stress.  The law of attraction instigates that the more you think of and give energy to something the more of it you get.  So the more we focus on the stress, the more we get.  I choose to visualize a bank account full of money.  I choose to look at my body and touch the places that need work and tell myself that I love myself.  I choose to move my body in all directions to allow the flow of life to run through it.  I choose to either show or tell all the people around me that I am you and you are me therefore we are all one and we must love all.  “If you can not see God in All, then you can not see God at All.” (Yogi Bhajan)  Choose where to focus your thoughts and actions.

Some great tools to help with all of this is to learn how to meditate.  As the world is changing, it is imperative that we all start to meditate and create healing for each other and the world.  I use Kundalini Yoga meditations as they work best for me.  Exercise a little every day.  You need to create sweat as a toxin release as well as to create an increased metabolism combating depression in the cold winter months.  Of course, eat your fruit and vegetables and limit your meat intake.  I will discus diet in future blogs.  Get your chiropractic check ups!  All that stress leaves your spine often in a kinked state leading to a compromised nervous system.  Only a chiropractor can detect and correct the nerve interference created by stress.   But most of all, make your goal for 2017 to be happy.  Be happy with who you are, be happy with how far you have come, be happy with all that you have learned in your life, be happy with all the loved ones around you, be happy in knowing that the Universe always provides.  Most of all, be happy in loving yourself as it all starts with you!


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