About Laura Fusco

Mission Statement

Helping those who want to maintain and keep their bodies functioning at an optimal level by providing a holistic approach with massage therapy. By improving digestion, blood circulation, and other bodily functions massage can aid in an individual’s overall health.

Massage Philosophy

I remember as a child wanting to become a nun in order to work with Mother Theresa. I believe I was born with the desire to serve others and to elicit a  change in the world, even if it was my corner of the world. I was raised with a holistic approach to health,  with a history starting with my great, great, grandparents preferring to see their local Chiropractor as their primary Dr. when feeling ill. My mother had a subscription to Mother Earth, and I was raised on fresh vegetables from the family garden and canned goods that my mom would prepare during the summer months. Prevention magazine also played a role in my interest, looking at the body as a marvelous functioning machine. 

As a massage therapist, I have discovered that one of the key strategies in helping a client is listening to them, and creating a safe, nonjudgmental space. That in itself can aid the nervous system to relax and prepare for the massage.

I start with honoring the person on the table and listening to what their body needs. The body always speaks.

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