A missing Magnesium Link…

Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Type II Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Migraine Headaches, Anxiety, Nerve pain etc…

Magnesium is a vital mineral in our bodies mostly found in our bones. Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation [1-3]  It is also vital in energy production.

In my opinion magnesium deficiency is much more common today because of the difference in our water / food supplies.  Because of factory farming and genetic modifications, we have depleted our soil of magnesium supplies as well as many other vital minerals, and the food that we eat now has much less magnesium than even 50 years ago.  Our water has been contaminated so much that we have to ultra filter it to remove the toxins but in the leaving us with clean water that can no longer supply us with  the many minerals needed in our body.

Many other factors can lead to Magnesium deficiency including some medications that increase urinary output (diuretics).  Long term use of Proton Pump Inhibitors such as:  Nexium and Prevacid.  Low absorption in the gut from poor diet (low fiber, high sugar and refined grains), lactose sensitivity or intolerance, alcohol, excessive diarrhea, Chron’s Disease, Irritable Bowl Disease, gluten sensitivity, Celiac Disease, Leaky Gut syndrome, as well as Diabetes.  The senior age bracket has shown to have higher levels of deficiency.  

There are many foods that have higher magnesium as well as fiber that are essential to add to your diet to help with some of the conditions listed above.  Nuts are a great source but make sure they are raw or dry roasted (not in oil) especially almonds.  Of course healthy foods such as fruits green leafy vegetables, carrots, and even dark chocolate have high levels of magnesium.  Its always best to get the nutrient you need from your food, however, you can always add a supplement to your diet as well if you think you are deficient or if you have early signs of any of the diseases listed above.  It seems that if it is in a liquid form it is easier to absorb, however do not overdue because there is also risk of too much magnesium as well.

If you are experiencing the beginning stages of:  Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Type II Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Migraine Headaches, Anxiety, Nerve pain, It is up to you to take charge of your health by starting a healthy diet, exercise, weight loss, meditation (to calm the mind and stress) as well as chiropractic care (to balance the nervous system and increase all vital functions of the body).

Disclaimer:  If you are taking medications already for: Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Type II Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Migraine Headaches, Anxiety, Nerve pain etc…, Talk to your doctor first before trying supplements and or medication changes and or medical advise.

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Athletes and Chiropractic

Its is the time of year when our teenagers are trying out for fall sports. This is also the time for a crucial Chiropractic check up.

Just about all professional, Olympic, College, and even High School Athletes use chiropractic to help limit injuries, enhance athletic abilities, increase flexibility, as well as to strengthen the body. Its so simple that some may overlook the importance of a Chiropractic adjustment in athletes. It starts with an analysis of the spine for what are called “Subluxations”. These are small dislocations caused by trauma to the spine and or body. When a subluxation exists in the spine it will cause interference to the central nervous system. The Central Nervous System controls every function of the the body including coordination, hand eye control, muscle strength, blood glucose levels, hormone levels etc. This is why it is imperative that these subluxations be removed to allow the body to function at an optimum level which will in turn create better athletic abilities.

Do not hesitate to get your children checked before any traumas and injuries create scar tissue which makes it much harder to get rid of the subluxations.


So as many of your know there are three main allergy seasons (spring, summer, fall) that can produce many different symptoms. Since spring is in the air most allergens (substances that produce allergies) are produced from the trees creating new buds and spreading their pollen all in the air as a measure for re-productivity and survival. Creating a green film on anything outside, especially on my new white car.

What can we do to combat the symptoms of tearing eyes, runny nose, sneezing etc. that come to some in allergy season. Some may have it worse than others due to an oversensitive immune system. “Hay fever” happens when your immune system responds to an allergen that is usually harmless. During an allergy attack, the mast cells in the body recognize the pollen as harmful therefore they release histamines in an attempt to rid the body of the harmful substance. This results in increased mucus in the nose and eyes as well as sneezing to remove from the lungs.

  1. Balance the nervous system with regular chiropractic adjustments. Because of the direct link between the nervous system that controls the immune system. Many patients feel the benefits of balancing the immune system with regular chiropractic adjustments. I have noticed when I adjust especially the top two vertebrae in the neck, people have tremendous results.
  2. Balance your diet. If you are eating foods high in sugar, corn, corn by products, wheat, and dairy, there is a likely hood you are stressing the immune system, digestive system as well as your brain chemistry. Eating a diet high in fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins will balance out the digestive system which in turn balances the immune system.
  3. Limit stress. Do some breath work and meditations. Focus on your immune system and calmness. Be in gratitude for your wonderful body that is working so hard for you.
  4. Use antihistamines very sparingly. I know its easy to pick up some anti-histamines. These do work wonderful for a short time or only if the allergies are not tolerable. However the more you take the more immune your body gets to it and then you can have the rebound effect. This happens when the anti-histamine wears off. Your body then realizes it is in short demand of histamines due to the allergens and it produces way more than before you took the anti-histamine. Then most will reach for it again and have to double the dose this time for it to work and then you end up having to take it all the time every day, fighting your own bodies defense mechanisms and lowering your immune system.

Stop in at Evans Chiropractic give your nervous system and your immune system a tune up to limit the effects of allergies this spring season!!!

Through Sickness and Health

Has this long winter got you down?  Is your immune system struggling with the constant change in temperature and moisture in the air?  Have you had that consistent cough all winter long?  Spring is soon here but not soon enough as most are saying.

If you have been having the cold or flu symptoms as well as sinus congestion, runny nose and coughing from that annoying post nasal drip.  Help is in the air.  A few pointers to help you combat the winter blues.

  • First of all if you are not feeling up to par come in for your chiropractic adjustment right away.  Research has shown that a chiropractic adjustment boosts the immune system up to 7 times stronger.  Then stick with your adjustments even when you are feeling well to keep the nervous system in balance and your immune system strong.  Chiropractic in sickness and in health…
  • The lack of sunshine means lack of Vitamin D.  You can help by increasing Vitamin D supplementation to keep the immune system working strong all winter long.  If there is a glimpse of sunshine go outside and at least get some on your face.
  • Don’t join in on all the negative complaining about the weather, about how you feel, about wanting to live somewhere it is warmer etc.  The truth is you live here for one reason or another and you have to accept the fact that it is winter, its going to be cold and damp.  Make the best of it!!!  Research has shown over and over the effects of stress and negativity that lower your immune system.  Say 5 things a day that you are grateful for and avoid any conversations that are negative then watch your immune system soar!!!
  • Sing upbeat songs or even hum them if your vocal cords are not up to the task.  Singing and humming stimulates the release of nitric oxide which is an antimicrobial fighting chemical.  It also stimulates the pituitary gland with the vibration on the upper palate.  The pituitary gland in your brain is the master gland that controls all the other glands of the body.  You can stimulate a better mood happiness and yes even a stronger immune system.
  • Stay away from the sugar.  I know its easy when you are not feeling good you look at that cookie and think it will make you feel better.  It may give you a temporary sense of ecstasy for a few minutes but then you whole body goes into shock. Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut creating a lowered immune system.   If you are craving some sweet eat an organic apple or some fresh berries.  If you can not get fresh berries frozen are almost as good.  Fruit and berries are a different sugar and come with so many other phyto-nutrients and fiber that your body needs especially in the winter months.
  • Make a big pot of winter vegetable soup with bone broth.  I am sure you have heard of the antibiotic properties of chicken noodle soup.  Yes its better than nothing but you can make a super antibiotic concoction of your own by avoiding the noodles (they have the same effect as sugar), put in minimal free range organic chicken as well as organic chicken bone broth. (different than just chick broth).  Add in tons of carrots (vitamin A – immune booster) as well as celery, onion and any other vegetable you would like to add.  If you want a starch add a few red organic potatoes.  Spice as you like…  Its delicious and nutritious!!!
  • Last but not least…  Do NOT forget to keep up with your regular exercise.  If its cold outside join a gym, if you cant join a gym go to the shopping mall and walk for at least 30 minutes a day.  Exercise is crucial for the circulatory system as well as the immune system.  Not to mention the endorphins that are released also know as the happy hormone.

Only you can take charge of your health.  Do not wait until you are expressing symptoms to do something about it.  Follow the simple and easy steps to avoid the “getting sick” or if you are already “sick” start taking actions to get better.  Stop in at Evans Chiropractic for your regular adjustments.

Crohn’s Disease

I am sure you may have heard of Crohn’s Disease before or you may know someone who is suffering from fits of it.

Crohn’s is an inflammation in the small intestines of the digestive tract, not to be confused with Ulcerative Colits which is in the colon.  There is no specific cause of Crohn’s however there are many factors that can contribute to it.  One big is from taking Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Motrin, Alieve etc.  Smoking is another complicating factor that definitely has shown to contribute to Crohn’s.  Diet consisting of high amounts of refined sugar and wheat, high fat with low fiber, high meat content and low vegetables, can cause inflation of the small intestines and leaky gut syndromes.  You will often read that it is hereditary, however I do not believe in hereditary factors, as we can change our body and our mindset if we want to with lifestyle changes, diet and meditation.  I may do a blog later on that which is a another discussion.

So obviously a person has Crohn’s major changes in lifestyle and diet are needed.  However there is more help as well, with Chiropractic.  A research study (Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. 2002;4(4):131-141.) showed dramatic results of improved stable symptom remissions and some even had total symptom alleviation, in patients who received chiropractic care, especially in the 10th thoracic region (relating to the Adrenal Glands).  Another study in the 2007 New England Journal of Medicine, showed that n-3 fatty acids (fish oils) had a impressive results in helping patients with Crohn’s.

So in summary those with Crohn’s Disease should see a Chiropractor immediately, change their diet and stay away from any over the counter medications for inflammation as well as of course stop smoking…

Eric T. Evans, D.C.

Life Expectancy on the decline

Life Expectancy Decreasing for the first time since 1993.
Bet you don’t guess why?

According to a report published in Medscape Medical News in September 2018, they found that for the first time in the United States since 1993 life expectancy at birth has decreased.  In addition to life expectancy for Health Statistics, death rates are up for five of the leading 12 causes of death including Alzheimer’s, suicide, chronic liver, septicemia, and unintentional

Let us think about how we are treating disease with the latest advancements in health care.  Today we have more medical doctors in the US. In 2016 there were almost 1 million active licensed physicians in the US this is up 12% from 2010. According to MoneyCnn.com health care costs in 2016 rose 4.3% to 3.3 $$$$$$ Trillion Dollars, that is $10,348 per person in the US and they projected another 5.9% increase in 2018. To put it into perspective, our entire nation’s budget for 2016 was 4.1 $$$$ Trillion Dollars. That is only a difference of 8 Billion Dollars. So we are spending almost as much on health care as it takes to finance a country that is the leader of the entire world.

The question is?… With so much money time effort and research why is our life expectancy and overall health decreasing?
1. People first of all are not happy with the stress and pressure of the rising costs of not only health care but our cost of living. Suicide rates have increased 23% according to the
Medscape article.
2. Liver disease from alcohol abuse, prescription drugs, high fat diets, and other drug abuse has also risen dramatically.
3. Most of all drug overdoses grew 72% with most due to opioids that start with people with chronic pain issues.

It is time to WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!
More money to research is not the answer. More medicines are not the answer. More medical doctors are not the answer because we have been continuing to do that over the past 50 years and we are no closer to being happy and or being healthy!!!!

It is time for a Change of Perspective!!!!!
1. You and only you are in charge of your health. Take time to do your own research on how others are getting healthy. There are many alternative doctors, chiropractors and even many medical doctors who are fed up with the way things are going and are finding better ways to help with chronic pain, inflammation, auto immune diseases etc.. Most of these can be helped if not cured with diet and change of life styles.
2. You need to figure out what will make you happy and most of all focus on the positive aspects of your life as well as what you are blessed with in gratitude and not so much on the negative aspects and what you do not have in your life.
3. Start now with taking care of you and your health, don’t wait until you start having
symptoms, or other health problems. Eat healthy, exercise, work on your mental status
with prayer or meditations, and always make sure your nervous system is balanced with regular chiropractic care.

Our thoughts are powerful and can create our desires and passions in life…

Kids in School

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, at least 14,000 children are treated for backpack-related injuries every year from carrying backpacks that are too heavy for their body weight.

Research of x-rays has shown that smart phone use by kids is causing a generation of hunch backs leading to many health and neurological issues…

If you child has frequent:

  • Abnormal Posture
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Tight neck and/or shoulders
  • Numbness in their hands
  • Back aches
  • Aches and pains in their knees or feet
  • Scoliosis
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Anxiety and/or depression

Chiropractic care can help and utilizes safe gentle techniques to locate the source of any spinal injuries in children and they offer a solution without the use of drugs or surgery…

Small Animal Chiropractic

Just like humans, your cat or dog has a spine that can be misaligned causing nerve impingement leading to many health conditions such as:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Difficulty getting up
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Low back issues
  • Shoulder issues
  • Lameness
  • Hip issues
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Digestive issues
  • In some cases seizures

At Evans Chiropractic, we use safe, gentle techniques and have been seeing tremendous results in our fury friends.

The New Jersey Statute states that in order for your dog or cat to be seen by a Chiropractor, you must first have your Veterinarian sign a referral form stating that its safe for them.  Please feel free to email evanschirotrenton@gmail.com for a referral form or call the office at 609-586-9199.

Have you read this story?

 country bunny.jpg
Have you read this story? I was gifted a gentle reminder of this wonderful story on Easter Sunday. My daughter was spending time with a dear friend and she read this story to her.. My daughter is 18! My friend is 50! To you my dear friend, this is a thank you! You are truly an angel in disguise to have taken the time to read a story to my daughter and to my surprise, but not so shocked.. my daughter listened. Not only did she listen, but she was inspired to write a thesis for one of her college essays. Yogi Bhajan’s quote today is: “Children need to be nurtured. Give them a higher view, an expanded consciousness, and help them to be successful in their own identity.” Coincidence? There are no coincidences in life.  Every message comes at the perfect timing when we are ready to listen. Today in this world, you see children getting shot at, you see children on their phones, computers, iPads, iPods, anything and everything technical, they are plugged into! The parents.. where are they? Where is the stay-at-home mom these days? She is out working a couple of jobs then picking up her kids, tending to whatever meal she can get on the table, doing homework, running kids around for their activities, and oh yeah having a relationship with her husband. How is all this possible? It’s not. It’s too much and the kids today are plugging into the wrong source! This world has become so off balance in our society. The children today must be taught how to plug into to true source, the one source that is their own consciousness! But, how can they be taught that when their parents aren’t plugged into their true selves??? My daughter listened to the story being read to her. Do you listen? Do you know how to listen? Can you hear the subtlety of your own inner compass guiding you? This wonderful story is a reminder to us all to get back to knowing whom your true self is and to be proud of it! When it’s the perfect time, the universe will reward you, but you must plug into the listening part; the quiet whisper that tells you and guides you on your souls mission. How? Develop your intuition. Start there. Start to tap into that source, and not a computer source! Get back to the basics of life when everything was simpler. Meditate! The kids today are lost, do your part to guide them in knowing their true selves than maybe this world will have a better chance of living in happiness, kindness, wisdom, courage like the book.  Be the bunny with the gold shoes and start stepping into your happiness.  The children need you. Read the book, practice your Kundalini yoga and teach your children to still the mind. They are filled with pressures in today’s society. Help them. Be with them. Teach them. Ask them how they are doing and listen to them! And what about chiropractic care? Do you even know what it is? It’s not just for back pain. It’s for the whole body to be healthy! Get the children healthy! Ask Dr. Eric how it helps. My biggest thing lately is Attitude Adjustments! That’s right, you get a complete emotional release when you are adjusted and get this: your attitude gets readjusted! You’re happier! How about that! My other daughter (who is in high school) gets weekly attitude adjustments and why is that? Because the pressures of today’s school system and expectations that are placed on her from others! It’s no wonder why these kids are stressed, angry and taking it out on others. Parents (especially the stay at home moms) that feel unappreciated.. believe me you are doing your job for a better world in keeping active and involved with your children!
Back to the book: the mom raised her children teaching them and then yes, it is possible that her dream comes true! All you have to do is just be the real you and proud of the real you! Now, go put your golden shoes on.
Peace and kindness to all,
Kundalini with Kimberly


Why Not Go to the Chiropractor?

There are many false proclamations I hear often that people give as an excuse as to why people shy away from chiropractic. I am writing this blog to set the record straight as to the false illusions “non-chiropractic believers” may have.

  1. I don’t believe in Chiropractic. Chiropractic is not a religion or belief system nor am I an ordained minister, preacher, rabbi, the Dalai Lama or even a guru. Chiropractic works whether you believe in it or not. It is a science, tested with time and results allowing people to get healthy. It works on children who have no pre-conceived ideas as to what chiropractic is. It works great on animals, from small cats and dogs to large horses. It works on tiny infants’ minutes old to my oldest patient who was 105 years old.
  2. I don’t have the time. The question is, how much time do you spend in a day doing things that are bad for you as opposed to doing things that are good for you? How much time do you spend on your phone looking at social media? How much time do you spend each night watching TV? How much time do you spend reading or watching the negative campaigns of the media? How much time in your life do you spend watching or reading in a magazine about pharmaceuticals? If you listen to the side effects that are mumbled towards the end of the commercial, they all say do not use if you are allergic to ______, your symptoms may get worse, and the catch all phrase: “serious side effects can lead to death.”  An average 1-hour TV show has 5-6 commercials every 10 minutes.  This totals about 20 minutes of commercials that are brain-washing you into thinking that a pill can solve all your problems.  An average in-and-out time in my office (even without an appointment!) is 5 minutes to a maximum of 20 minutes. If you just DVR a show so you can fast forward the commercials, there is your 20 minutes it takes to see your chiropractor. Take 20 minutes away from staring at your phone on social media. Time is manmade, you can either create priorities for your time or you can let it all slip past doing things that are not important.
  3. I don’t have the money. This is a popular reason and I completely understand that with today’s cost of living raising so drastically, it is hard to get ahead as most people are just living paycheck to paycheck. Many people have the luxury of health insurance, most of which cover chiropractic with a simple co-pay. However, with the high deductibles (the amount you must pay before insurance will start reimbursement) since Obama Care, your cost for chiropractic may be more initially. Others have the luxury of a Health Savings Account (HSA) that is set up by your employer or yourself, to help with these costs and for chiropractic visits as well. For those who do not have these luxuries… My mission is to help as many people as I can regardless of their ability to pay. With that being said, our office has affordable wellness plans and I try to keep my fees as low as possible. We offer hardship plans. All you have to do is fill out an application that shows you qualify, and we will arrange an affordable payment option.
  4. I heard that once you go to a chiropractor, you must keep going for the rest of your life. This is one of the most ridiculous accusations that I have heard, and trust me, I’ve heard it hundreds of times. I guess some people think that chiropractors have this amazing, magical power over people and once you come in for your first visit, a wand is waved, and you must keep coming forever. You always have a choice!! In fact, I wish more people would take their health into their own hands and make their own choices when it comes to their health rather than just giving all the power to their medical doctors. “Oh, my doctor said that I need the flu shot so I have to get it.” I am here to tell you that it is a choice as well.  Do your research, know the risks and side effects of all and any medication you put into your body as well as any medical tests that you undergo. Yes, there are risks in all medical tests including a simple x-ray, blood work, MRI, colonoscopy, etc. Back to your choices on chiropractic. To receive the full benefits of optimum health with the aid of chiropractic, it is a wise choice to continue receiving chiropractic checkups long after your symptoms have gone away. Do you go to the dentist for a checkup even if you do not have tooth pain? Do you go to your medical doctor for a 6 month or yearly checkup even if you do not have any problems? Do some medications require you to take them for the rest of your life? (for example: thyroid replacement.) Your chiropractor is trained to detect and correct subluxations which are irritations to the central nervous system that can interfere with the transmission of nerve impulses to every organ, muscle or tissue in the body. Unfortunately, with our daily grind of driving in the car, working on computers, looking at our phones as well as heavy lifting or repetitive injuries, subluxations once removed by the chiropractor can come back, or at times another area can become affected causing another subluxation. Therefore, regular maintenance or wellness care is recommended to determine if you have been “re-subluxated.”
  5. My medical doctor told me not to go to the chiropractor. I have to say this one gets under my skin more than any of the other excuses. There is a time and a place for medicine and there is a time and place for chiropractic. I would never tell a patient to not go to their medical doctor. In fact, I am usually the first one to say to a patient that any medication issue, surgery issues or testing, “go see your physician about that.” There have been times where a patient comes into my office for something that is definitely not a chiropractic issue and I will send them directly to the hospital or tell them to seek medical attention. I do not claim to know how to take care of patients medically, so why would a medical doctor claim to understand how to take care of a patient and know if chiropractic will benefit them or not? In my 27 years of practice, I have worked with and adjusted many medical doctors, surgeons, nurses, dentists, and physical therapists. My wish is that we all work together to help all of humanity to regain and control the major health issues in our societies.
  6. I don’t like the “cracking” sound especially in my neck. This one I can sympathize with. It can be scary hearing and feeling the “cracking” noise in the neck area especially. Well contrary to what you may have heard, there are many techniques to chiropractic and we can have the same results without having to “crack your neck” or other areas of your body! We have a scientifically proven Arthro-Stimulator that provides a mechanical adjustment with a precise, fast impulse rather than the “cracking”.
  7. I am not in pain why would I go to a chiropractor? If you are not in pain that is fantastic! However, only about 10% of your nerves in your spine deal with pain. The other 90% keep your body functioning at its optimum by telling your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, glands, digestion, etc. what to do and keeps them all working together in homeostasis. So, if you only go to the chiropractor for pain, you are potentially only getting 10% of the overall benefits we have to offer. The biggest gift a chiropractor can give to you is for you to achieve and maintain optimum function with regular wellness care!
  8. I am too old for chiropractic. You are never too old for chiropractic. As I mentioned before, my oldest patient so far was 105 years old! We take care of all humans as well as cats and dogs from womb to tomb. We have very safe and gentle techniques that we tailor to everyone’s needs. The benefits are less pain, better health, better mobility and being able to some things that you may not have been able to do before chiropractic, like play with your grandchildren or even great grandchildren.
  9. I don’t like doctors. I’m sure you have heard the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” This saying is not true as far as our office goes. We spent hundreds of hours (and I won’t say how much money!) to make our office feel different as soon as you walk in. Everything in the decor from the floors, colors, furniture, and even the smells, all have a purpose to help you relax and not feel like you’re in a typical doctor’s office. We try to make it as simple as possible with minimal paper work. We go out of our way to make it easy for you by not having appointments, so you can get there when you can get there and not stress about being late to an appointment. We work hard to keep the flow going so you rarely wait more than 10 minutes in our office. So yes, judge us from the first step you take into our office and then we will make sure the rest of your experience here is like no other doctor’s office including the care by Dr. Eric.
  10. I heard of someone who felt worse after my adjustment. Not all doctors, chiropractors, car mechanics, hair stylists, artists, lawyers are the same! Again, we pride ourselves on being different from all other doctors and even other chiropractors. I can’t explain or defend what may have happened with the person who said “they felt worse,” but I can explain what may happen in our office. All too often, people show up to my office as a last resort after trying everything from medications to other doctors’ visits to “I thought it would just go away.”  After a chiropractic exam and determining that you are a chiropractic case, we perform what is called an adjustment (change for the better.)  To make a shift in your spine, we must work with muscles, ligaments and bones that may have been stuck out of place for years.  Although rare, the muscles may fight back with tightness or soreness after the adjustment. This is temporary and usually goes away within a few days but can be relieved earlier with a simple ice pack applied to the area for about 20 minutes.  90-99% of the time, people feel at least a little better when they walk out of our office after their first adjustment.  As far as safety goes, I always relate it to my malpractice insurance costs. My malpractice insurance is less than my car insurance. If there were any issues of safety with chiropractic care, I am sure the costs would be much more and more comparable to a medical doctor whose insurance can cost over $100,000 per year.