It is Time to get back to Health

So I have been getting the same question from a lot of our patients when the come into the office…  What is your opinion on all this?  That is a loaded question that can take hours of discussion so I will try to sum it up in some very important points from a Holistic Health Care perspective not a Disease care Medical view point.

The first fact your need to realize is that this virus has been around in the US and the world longer than we have been lead to think.  According to an article in the NY times “Hidden Outbreaks Spread Through U.S. Cities far Earlier Than Americans Knew, Estimates Say” by Benedict Carey and James Glanz  “By the time NY City confirmed its first on March 1st 2020, thousands were already silently infected through the city.”  According to Northwestern University who created a model of how the disease spread so fast, they estimated that instead of 23 cases that were confirmed on March 1st in five major cities, there were more like 28,000 cases in those cities.   “Unseen carriers of the disease, many of them with mild symptoms or none at all”  Here is  my point.  The common cold is a virus.  In an example, if there are 10 people in a room and one person has a cold and sneezes or coughs, only 1 or 2 other people may come down with a cold of those two one may be very mild and the other may be worse and the rest could express no symptoms at all but still have been in contact with the virus.  We have only been testing the one person who has the protocol of all the symptoms of the virus, and only if they have a fever.   What about the other 10 people?  Fortunately with the common cold (Influenza) it has been around for a long time so our bodies have antibodies and if you are healthy its not a big deal.  I feel if we could have massive antibody testing instead of just testing for the virus, we would find that there are millions who are already immune to the COVID-19 virus.  . This is not the first time we have had pandemics with viruses some similar to the Covid-19 and it will not be the last.  Therefore the death rate of those who have been in contact with the virus as way less than what the media is telling us because they are only using confirmed cases who are the people already expressing symptoms to be tested.  But if you take into consideration all those who may have already been exposed with no symptoms, it all seems much less scary!
Initially, all the data we had was based on hypothesis.  The Corona virus has been around since the 70’s however this is a mutation that seems to be more easily spread.  Now that we have been doing testing and seeing what the death rate is the real data is much less than what was originally predicted.  According to Dr. Erickson a California doctor and immunologist and microbiologist, he gives the new facts on COVID 19 and states that it is similar in death rate to the flu.  The flu even with a vaccine causes anywhere from 37,000 to 60,000 deaths per year.  Yet we do not have a country shutting down over it  We do not have blatant inconsideration of our constitutional rights and we do not have loss of jobs because of it.  He extrapolates based on the current data and is showing that there are millions of cases and a small amount of deaths ranging from .01% to .005% of the population.  25% of population has it with no symptoms.  96% who have tested positive will recover with no complications.  Of the 4% left who had complications 90% of them had co-morbidity (meaning they had other very serious diseases). You can check out his video on You Tube:
So why are we quarantining healthy people when for thousands of years the world has only quarantined the sick? What about all the collateral damage it is creating?  This is the first time in all pandemics for thousands of years that we are making everyone suffer for a few who are sick.  Why is the world reacting in this way?  For that I do not have an answer.  However I do understand how the immune system works.  We need germs, we need bacteria and we need viruses to survive.  Babies build their antibodies by putting things in their mouth.   A handshake is important to share germs so the immune system will recognize the germ if it becomes a threat.  If we continue to isolate and not go outside and not interact with other humans, our immune system will begin to shut down and produce less antibodies because it sees no threat.  We can not go on living in a plastic bubble as it will only complicate things more.  I do not think that staying home and self isolation is the answer unless you have tested positive.  We actually need herd immunity.  This is where 70-90% of the population has the antibodies to create immunity to a bacteria or virus.  The only way to create herd immunity is expose 70-90% of the population to the threat not isolate them from the threat.
As many of you may have heard its an overactive immune system causing the complications to the virus.  This is also know as the cytokine storm…  There are basically four path choices to destroy a virus.  The best is:   (TH1) produces “killer T Cells to destroy the cells infected with the virus and thus killing the virus itself.  (TH2)  very important because it produces antibodies from B lymphocytes (a white blood cell) to sweep up the free viruses in the body who have not yet attached to a cell and destroy them.  Sounds like an efficient and perfect system to get rid of a virus.  The problem comes ins when when the virus targets cytokines that changes how the immune system reacts targeting other pathways that are much less efficient (such as TH 17) and more destructive to the body.  It has shown that treating with immuno-suppressants and  NSAIDS like Advil, Motrin, Allieve, Tylenol etc.  suppress the immune system and in some studies may even further push the wrong immune system to react, (Don Bellgrau PHD Immunology, Lynn Toohey PHD nutrition, Cytokine Storm -An over-active immune response or the unfortunate result of the wrong immune pathyway?”)  I often tell many patients when they say the are taking NSAIDs for pain to be careful there are sooo many other effects it has on your body your digestion and immune system that can cause other complications. There are many foods and herbs that can help balance the immune system and will help the proper immune response.  You can ask me next time you are in the office.
The third biggest point that I want to make is that almost all pandemics have originally started in animals and have been transferred to humans by the consumption of meat. Remember the bird flu (chicken) the swine flu (pork) and now the Corona Virus (bats).  Now I am not one who tells people not to eat meat.   However, I am in discord as to how we raise and slaughter 90% of the meat that is produced in our country with Factory farms.  The drive to produce millions of pounds of meat for our carnivorous appetites in the US and to drive down costs has lead to us producing factory farms. What was one of the first items to go out in the grocery stores? (CHICKEN) Thousands of cows, chickens and pigs packed into very small spaces having to literally stand in their own feces and urine with no space to move, breathing highly toxic ammonia filled air and fed unhealthy corn and other by products along with high doses of antibiotics (FDA says 70 to 80% of all antibiotics produced are given to live stock) because they are all sick. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 85% of the worlds feces is produced by domesticated animals for our consumption however there are no sanitation or septic systems to process this waste contaminating our earth and waters.  We are preaching social distancing for humans however these animals do not have a chance to be six feet apart as sometimes they only have inches to move.  The antibiotics they are fed help to limit bacterial infections however many bacteria’s are now antibiotic resistant and they do nothing for viral infections.  Thus the spread of viruses in the meats we eat.  Yes cooking will kill the virus however handling the raw meat before hand can spread it all over the counter onto the fridge handle onto utensil etc.  We are now seeing major meat companies such as Smithfield, Tyson, Hatfield, etc closing their doors to their plants due to COVID 19 outbreatks.   We as Americans need to get back to a primarily 80 to 90% plant based diet and not rely on meat so heavily.  You will get plenty of Amino Acids from plants (the building blocks for protein) along with many other nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Animal protein has to be broken down to Amino Acids in order to be used in the body anyway. 
DO NOT PANIC!  Remember FEAR DRIVES STRESS! It is even more important for you to take care of you health now, reduce your stress.  I am still taking appointments for lifestyle and nutritional counseling on face time.  Many are taking advantage of the extra time I have now to learn more about what they can do to help themselves.  
 These are a few of my thoughts on all this and some of the many solutions that we need to start to make to have a new normal.  We can not keep going at the stress level and keep disregarding our health and what we are doing to our earth.  We need to take back our health and be responsible for the body we were given with proper chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise, meditation, breathing, decrease stress and get proper sleep.  I am here to help guide and coach you to be the best and healthiest you!!!!
Thank you for your time in reading my thoughts and I hope they may bring some peace and clarity to you…
Dr. Eric

Chiropractor Hamilton NJ


Tip of the week.  ZINCWith the typical american diet of: sugar, flour, diary and fried foods, and processed foods, many are deficient in zinc.  It can be stored in tissue but if you never fill up you could be deficient.  Fill up your supply with zinc rich foods such as: mushrooms (cooked or raw we always have them in the fridge), fresh or frozen if you have to vegetables (especially spinach), Lobster, Oysters (our favorite!), Dark Chocolate (must be at least 72% cocoa), and Raw or Dry Roasted Nuts (avoid nuts roasted with sunflower, safflower or other vegetable oils).Why is zinc important?  10 Reasons

  1. Enhances Immunity!!!!!
  2. Essential in Hormonal production and management
  3. Fights Oxidation, ie:  pollution, and free radicals
  4. Fights blood sugar spikes thus helps to fight diabetes development
  5. Enhances Cardiovascular Health
  6. Enhances Digestive Health
  7. Enhances Fertility (Still a benefit for older folks if you know what I mean)
  8. Ensures proper protein absorption
  9. Enhances Liver Health
  10. Enhances muscle health

If you may think you are deficient and you do not eat many vegetables and raw nuts you can help supplement.  We use Vimergy Brand liquid form sold on Amazon.  You can follow the directions on the bottle.Stay Healthy and Safe and any questions feel free to reply to contacts or call the office. 609-586-9199.

Dr. Eric Evans, (Husband, Father Chiropractor-Hamilton NJ)

Sunshine and Immunity

COVID -19 Sunshine, Sleep and Immunity
Most of us know that all plants have to have sunshine to survive. However Sunshine is equally
important to Humans as well. Many have heard lately that avoid sunshine, cover with toxic
sunscreen (see previous blog) and keep completely covered when you go out in the sun, in
many ways this can be harming you. How can this be?
According to Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. in his book HOW NOT TO DIE he notes that for Billions
of years Humans lived with the light in the sun averaging 12 hours a day. For the last million
years we evolved with fire for light, for the last 5000 years we have been using candles, for
about 100 years we have been using artificial light bulbs,1 for the last 30 years we have been
glued to a computer screen 8 hours a day, I pad or Smart phone another 3-4 hours a day while
most of the time never being directly in the sun. This is bad for two reasons.

  1. Our pineal gland in our brain regulates sleep and the release of Melatonin based on the
    amount of light our eyes see. Our brain has not yet been able to isolate the difference
    between artificial light and sunlight. Therefore when a person is staring into their smart
    phone, or even a TV at night after it is dark the pineal gland does not get the direction from
    the hypothalamus to release melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for shutting our body
    down so that we can get the proper sleep and repair needed for our stressful lifestyle we
    have today. Without the normal circadian rhythm of our body developed over a billion
    years ago, it can lead to lower melatonin levels. Studies have linked lower melatonin levels
    to increase in breast cancer in women.2 But most of all lack of proper sleep! According to
    Healthline lack of sleep can cause many problems like lack of concentration, mood
    changes (anxiety and depression), increase risk for diabetes, weight gain, risk of heart
    disease, poor balance and most of all, you Guessed it Decreased Immune system. “Too
    little sleep can weaken the immune system’s defense against viruses”3 By the way other
    research has shown that eating more vegetables can increase melatonin production at
    night. So put the smart phone down at least two hours before you go to sleep. Try never
    to fall asleep in front of the TV not only the light will disrupt sleep but the sound as well.
    Dim your lights at night when it gets dark. Go to bed early by 10pm for one hour of sleep
    before midnight is worth two hours of sleep after Midnight. When you wake up in the
    morning, please do not grab your smartphone and start looking at social media emails etc.
    First go to your window and try to get some sunlight or at least natural daylight into your
    eyes. I always go out and take the dog outside and look up at the sky in gratitude for my
    rest and another day I get to be here.
  2. Lack of sun means no Vitamin D production. Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin but a prohormone because the body can produce it unlike regular vitamins that have to be ingested
    throughout diet. In your skin you have a cholesterol precursor that the UVb in sunlight
    converts into another form of D then it has to go to the liver and then the Kidney to be
    changed into a form of Vitamin D (Calcitriol) that is used by the body. I am sure you have
    heard that we need vitamin D for health bones and teeth because it helps in the regulation
    of Calcium levels, however; there are many other functions: regulating insulin levels,
    supports lung function,4 important for cardiovascular health and blood pressure, helps the
    expression of genes to suppress cancer development, it is important for digestion in the
    gut, it decreases inflammation, and you guessed it again it is vital in supporting the nervous

    The COVID-19 virus is a respiratory virus attacking the lungs 4
    systems, the brain and mostly the immune system!!! If you live north of Philadelphia it is
    very difficult to produce Vitamin D in the winter months so supplementation is Vital. I
    usually recommend at least 2000 IU s of D3 in the winter months. In the spring summer
    and fall save yourself $30 to $40 a month and just get 10-20 minutes of sun a day just do
    not stay out for hours without protection because you do not want to burn the skin. The
    foods that have vitamin D are Fish (the oilier the better) around 400 IUs and egg yolks have
    a little about 40IUs.
    Thank your for reading
    Eric T. Evans, D.C.
    (Husband, Father, Chiropractor – Hamilton, NJ)

1Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. in his book HOW NOT TO DIE pg. 182
2 He C, Anand ST, Ebell MH, Vena JE Robb SW. Circandian disrupting exposures and breast
cancer risk: a meta-analysis, Int Arch Occup Environ Health, 2015 Jul;88(5):533-47

A missing Magnesium Link…

Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Type II Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Migraine Headaches, Anxiety, Nerve pain etc…

Magnesium is a vital mineral in our bodies mostly found in our bones. Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation [1-3]  It is also vital in energy production.

In my opinion magnesium deficiency is much more common today because of the difference in our water / food supplies.  Because of factory farming and genetic modifications, we have depleted our soil of magnesium supplies as well as many other vital minerals, and the food that we eat now has much less magnesium than even 50 years ago.  Our water has been contaminated so much that we have to ultra filter it to remove the toxins but in the leaving us with clean water that can no longer supply us with  the many minerals needed in our body.

Many other factors can lead to Magnesium deficiency including some medications that increase urinary output (diuretics).  Long term use of Proton Pump Inhibitors such as:  Nexium and Prevacid.  Low absorption in the gut from poor diet (low fiber, high sugar and refined grains), lactose sensitivity or intolerance, alcohol, excessive diarrhea, Chron’s Disease, Irritable Bowl Disease, gluten sensitivity, Celiac Disease, Leaky Gut syndrome, as well as Diabetes.  The senior age bracket has shown to have higher levels of deficiency.  

There are many foods that have higher magnesium as well as fiber that are essential to add to your diet to help with some of the conditions listed above.  Nuts are a great source but make sure they are raw or dry roasted (not in oil) especially almonds.  Of course healthy foods such as fruits green leafy vegetables, carrots, and even dark chocolate have high levels of magnesium.  Its always best to get the nutrient you need from your food, however, you can always add a supplement to your diet as well if you think you are deficient or if you have early signs of any of the diseases listed above.  It seems that if it is in a liquid form it is easier to absorb, however do not overdue because there is also risk of too much magnesium as well.

If you are experiencing the beginning stages of:  Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Type II Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Migraine Headaches, Anxiety, Nerve pain, It is up to you to take charge of your health by starting a healthy diet, exercise, weight loss, meditation (to calm the mind and stress) as well as chiropractic care (to balance the nervous system and increase all vital functions of the body).

Disclaimer:  If you are taking medications already for: Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Type II Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Migraine Headaches, Anxiety, Nerve pain etc…, Talk to your doctor first before trying supplements and or medication changes and or medical advise.

  1. Institute of Medicine (IOM). Food and Nutrition Board. Dietary Reference Intakes: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Fluoride. Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 1997.
  2. Rude RK. Magnesium. In: Coates PM, Betz JM, Blackman MR, Cragg GM, Levine M, Moss J, White JD, eds. Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements. 2nd ed. New York, NY: Informa Healthcare; 2010:527-37.
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Athletes and Chiropractic

Its is the time of year when our teenagers are trying out for fall sports. This is also the time for a crucial Chiropractic check up.

Just about all professional, Olympic, College, and even High School Athletes use chiropractic to help limit injuries, enhance athletic abilities, increase flexibility, as well as to strengthen the body. Its so simple that some may overlook the importance of a Chiropractic adjustment in athletes. It starts with an analysis of the spine for what are called “Subluxations”. These are small dislocations caused by trauma to the spine and or body. When a subluxation exists in the spine it will cause interference to the central nervous system. The Central Nervous System controls every function of the the body including coordination, hand eye control, muscle strength, blood glucose levels, hormone levels etc. This is why it is imperative that these subluxations be removed to allow the body to function at an optimum level which will in turn create better athletic abilities.

Do not hesitate to get your children checked before any traumas and injuries create scar tissue which makes it much harder to get rid of the subluxations.

Covid -19 II Exercise and Immunity

I hope your were able to read my previous blog on stress and Immunity.  Today I would like to cover another pro-active step in boosting immunity and it also is crucial in also helping to reduce chronic stress.
What is the one thing that most Americans are lacking?  Time and commitment to exercise.  For some reason all the other priorities in life seem to take over and exercise gets put off until the next day.   Then the next day comes and all the other priorities in life take over and exercise never seems to happen.  We are all guilty including myself. Why is exercise so important today?  Many reasons.  Being a Chiropractor I get the opportunity to meet and interview hundreds of people each week.  One of the first questions when meeting a new person is to ask what kind of work do  they do…  The answer I get about 80 – 90 percent of the time is, I sit at a desk infant of the computer all day.  If not a computer, they are on their smartphone walking answering emails etc.  Sitting 8-10 hours a day not moving staring at an artificial lighted screen can not be healthy.  Some are fortunate to have a stand up desk (of which I wish I thought of that one) but still its standing and staying in one place for 8-10 hours a day.  I am fortunate enough to remember a time when computers and cell phones were just coming out.  Life was much different then.  Children as well as adults were way more active.  Jobs 50 -100 years ago were very active and physical such as:  farmers, delivery people, the milk man, etc.  With most people now sitting all day our bodies have become weaker.  Heart disease is the number one killer due to inactivity as a major factor.  So now we need to exercise to make up for all the sitting most of us do on the daily.  If we do not take action now it is estimated by 2030 just 10 years away nearly half of all Americans will be considered obese.
After tracking the health of nearly 100,000 Americans for 14 years the American cancer society concluded:  Men who sit for 6+ hours a day had an overall death rate of 20% higher.  Women who sat for more than 6 hours a day had a 40% increased death rate.  In a nut shell sitting is not good for you.  What is the solution?  Balance it out with different types of exercise throughout the week with 40 – 90 minutes moderate to intense activities such as jogging,  bicycling, dancing, tennis, walking briskly, yard work and yoga  at least 3x per week.  
Exercise causes changes in your White Blood Cells and causes them to circulate faster finding pathogens such as viruses and taking action to destroy them.  Exercise causes increased circulation throughout the blood vessels causing them to expand and contract keeping them flexible and less likely to have plaque and build up (heart disease).  Exercise also creates an increase in body temperature similar to a fever of which pathogens especially viruses can not survive in higher temperatures killing them off.  Exercise also increase volume of air passing through the lungs flushing out bacteria, viruses, dust, pollution etc that may have been stagnant in there from sitting all day.
It is key to try and make exercise a priority not only to decrease cardiovascular disease but also to boost immunity.  Also remember part one, you don’t want to stress out over getting your exercise.  You can even do 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night works just as effective if you do not have time for the full 40 minutes at once. Fitting in Breath of Fire for 5 minutes a few times in a day can count for your exercise as well.  (For more information of breath of fire talk to Dr. Evans or a certified Kundalini or Hatha Yoga teacher).   Also do not go overboard and go out and run a marathon without training for it.  Intense strenuous exercise can cause stress on the body countering what we are trying to accomplish.  
Get outside and exercise whenever you can as the sun synthesizes Vitamin D in your body which is crucial for immunity, hormones, cancer fighting and more.  More on that in another blog.
Thank you for reading…
Eric T. Evans, D.C.  
Chiropractor Hamilton Square NJ. 

Immunity In times of COVID-19

COVID-19 and Immunity
There has been repeated information from the CDC as to what to do with the Corona Virus.  Things like keep social distance, wash your hands, do not touch your face, cover your mouth with your elbow if you cough or sneeze etc.  These are all sound advise but they are just telling us to help stop the transmission of the virus.  We are hearing of fatalities of older even younger children but what we are not hearing is what was the state of their health before they came in contact with the virus?  From a Holistic perspective we have to be pro-active not re-active.  By all means do what the CDC is asking for a reaction to “flatten the curve of transmission”

How can we be pro-active in a situation like this?  It comes down to two simple concepts:  build your immune system, and limit stress to the immune system. Today let’s talk about the stress first.  From the word itself I am sure you have guessed it.  Chronic long term stress is huge in affecting the immune system.  Stress was originally designed to create a response that would allow us to stand and fight danger or run away from the danger.  All of the other systems of the body (ie: immunity and digestions) go on standby to allow all the blood and energy to flow to your brain and muscles to have quickened reactions and super strength.  Once the danger is no longer a threat the adrenaline released normalizes and the heart rate calms as well as the mind.  Chronic stress comes when the apparent danger never goes away, instigated by fear, worry, and anxiety.  The constant apparent danger keeps the body in a heightened state of reaction and leaving the body’s digestion and repair mechanisms to stay in the back seat making a person more susceptible to incoming pathogens such as viruses.  In this time of “Pandemic”  what feeds the fear?  My opinion its comes mostly from the media.  A 2017 Study conducted by MIT showed that false news “diffused significantly farther, faster, deeper and more broadly than the truth in all categories.”  False news was 70 percent more likely to be retweeted than true news.  So here it is, the media feeds on false news that instills fear creating chronic stress.  The past few days I have heard all kinds of stories on social media and word of mouth but when I go to fact check them most were either false or grossly exaggerated.  Now that many you  have the time with no commuting and working from home, if you are that lucky not to be out of a job because of all the panic and fear, it is time to calm the mind, sit down and meditate, clear the negative thought patterns that control us.  Clear the subconscious mind that constantly feeds the fear based on past experiences.  Create Happiness, it is a thought process that can be created just by accepting where you are and having gratitude for all that you do have.  Give thanks for the house or apartment you get to live in that provides shelter from the elements, heat in the winter, coolness in the summer.  Give thanks for the comfort of a bed to sleep in, 200 years ago not many humans actually had a bed.  Give thanks that you have food to eat, I always give thanks to especially the healthy food I get to eat.  Give thanks to your body for carrying you all these years.  Make a list of all that you are thankful for, read it daily and try to add at least one thing each day.  This is worth every second spent crating happiness in your life.  Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University studied the effects of happiness on Viral Immunity by exposing both happy and unhappy people to direct viruses in their nose.  The results 1 in 3 of the negative – emotion individuals failed to successfully fight off the virus and came down with a cold; however, only 1 in 5 of the “Happy and relaxed” group came down with a cold.  They even went further to expose individual with the stronger influenza “flu” virus and once again positive emotional subjects were less likely to get sick.  As one of my favorite authors, Dr. Michael Greger MD says: “Mental health definitely plays a role in physical health”
Especially now we need all the Health we can get.  Turn off the TV news, watch a feel good movie (I love Hallmark) shut off the social media, talk one on one to your family or Face-Time them is they are not with you.  Read a book that is inspirational.  Get outside and go for a walk as Exercise is another crucial pro-active step towards increasing your immunity.  More to come on that in my next blog.
Thank you for reading, I hope this helps.
Eric T. Evans, D.C.  (Husband, Father, Chiropractor-Hamilton, NJ)


So as many of your know there are three main allergy seasons (spring, summer, fall) that can produce many different symptoms. Since spring is in the air most allergens (substances that produce allergies) are produced from the trees creating new buds and spreading their pollen all in the air as a measure for re-productivity and survival. Creating a green film on anything outside, especially on my new white car.

What can we do to combat the symptoms of tearing eyes, runny nose, sneezing etc. that come to some in allergy season. Some may have it worse than others due to an oversensitive immune system. “Hay fever” happens when your immune system responds to an allergen that is usually harmless. During an allergy attack, the mast cells in the body recognize the pollen as harmful therefore they release histamines in an attempt to rid the body of the harmful substance. This results in increased mucus in the nose and eyes as well as sneezing to remove from the lungs.

  1. Balance the nervous system with regular chiropractic adjustments. Because of the direct link between the nervous system that controls the immune system. Many patients feel the benefits of balancing the immune system with regular chiropractic adjustments. I have noticed when I adjust especially the top two vertebrae in the neck, people have tremendous results.
  2. Balance your diet. If you are eating foods high in sugar, corn, corn by products, wheat, and dairy, there is a likely hood you are stressing the immune system, digestive system as well as your brain chemistry. Eating a diet high in fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins will balance out the digestive system which in turn balances the immune system.
  3. Limit stress. Do some breath work and meditations. Focus on your immune system and calmness. Be in gratitude for your wonderful body that is working so hard for you.
  4. Use antihistamines very sparingly. I know its easy to pick up some anti-histamines. These do work wonderful for a short time or only if the allergies are not tolerable. However the more you take the more immune your body gets to it and then you can have the rebound effect. This happens when the anti-histamine wears off. Your body then realizes it is in short demand of histamines due to the allergens and it produces way more than before you took the anti-histamine. Then most will reach for it again and have to double the dose this time for it to work and then you end up having to take it all the time every day, fighting your own bodies defense mechanisms and lowering your immune system.

Stop in at Evans Chiropractic give your nervous system and your immune system a tune up to limit the effects of allergies this spring season!!!

Through Sickness and Health

Has this long winter got you down?  Is your immune system struggling with the constant change in temperature and moisture in the air?  Have you had that consistent cough all winter long?  Spring is soon here but not soon enough as most are saying.

If you have been having the cold or flu symptoms as well as sinus congestion, runny nose and coughing from that annoying post nasal drip.  Help is in the air.  A few pointers to help you combat the winter blues.

  • First of all if you are not feeling up to par come in for your chiropractic adjustment right away.  Research has shown that a chiropractic adjustment boosts the immune system up to 7 times stronger.  Then stick with your adjustments even when you are feeling well to keep the nervous system in balance and your immune system strong.  Chiropractic in sickness and in health…
  • The lack of sunshine means lack of Vitamin D.  You can help by increasing Vitamin D supplementation to keep the immune system working strong all winter long.  If there is a glimpse of sunshine go outside and at least get some on your face.
  • Don’t join in on all the negative complaining about the weather, about how you feel, about wanting to live somewhere it is warmer etc.  The truth is you live here for one reason or another and you have to accept the fact that it is winter, its going to be cold and damp.  Make the best of it!!!  Research has shown over and over the effects of stress and negativity that lower your immune system.  Say 5 things a day that you are grateful for and avoid any conversations that are negative then watch your immune system soar!!!
  • Sing upbeat songs or even hum them if your vocal cords are not up to the task.  Singing and humming stimulates the release of nitric oxide which is an antimicrobial fighting chemical.  It also stimulates the pituitary gland with the vibration on the upper palate.  The pituitary gland in your brain is the master gland that controls all the other glands of the body.  You can stimulate a better mood happiness and yes even a stronger immune system.
  • Stay away from the sugar.  I know its easy when you are not feeling good you look at that cookie and think it will make you feel better.  It may give you a temporary sense of ecstasy for a few minutes but then you whole body goes into shock. Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut creating a lowered immune system.   If you are craving some sweet eat an organic apple or some fresh berries.  If you can not get fresh berries frozen are almost as good.  Fruit and berries are a different sugar and come with so many other phyto-nutrients and fiber that your body needs especially in the winter months.
  • Make a big pot of winter vegetable soup with bone broth.  I am sure you have heard of the antibiotic properties of chicken noodle soup.  Yes its better than nothing but you can make a super antibiotic concoction of your own by avoiding the noodles (they have the same effect as sugar), put in minimal free range organic chicken as well as organic chicken bone broth. (different than just chick broth).  Add in tons of carrots (vitamin A – immune booster) as well as celery, onion and any other vegetable you would like to add.  If you want a starch add a few red organic potatoes.  Spice as you like…  Its delicious and nutritious!!!
  • Last but not least…  Do NOT forget to keep up with your regular exercise.  If its cold outside join a gym, if you cant join a gym go to the shopping mall and walk for at least 30 minutes a day.  Exercise is crucial for the circulatory system as well as the immune system.  Not to mention the endorphins that are released also know as the happy hormone.

Only you can take charge of your health.  Do not wait until you are expressing symptoms to do something about it.  Follow the simple and easy steps to avoid the “getting sick” or if you are already “sick” start taking actions to get better.  Stop in at Evans Chiropractic for your regular adjustments.

Crohn’s Disease

I am sure you may have heard of Crohn’s Disease before or you may know someone who is suffering from fits of it.

Crohn’s is an inflammation in the small intestines of the digestive tract, not to be confused with Ulcerative Colits which is in the colon.  There is no specific cause of Crohn’s however there are many factors that can contribute to it.  One big is from taking Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Motrin, Alieve etc.  Smoking is another complicating factor that definitely has shown to contribute to Crohn’s.  Diet consisting of high amounts of refined sugar and wheat, high fat with low fiber, high meat content and low vegetables, can cause inflation of the small intestines and leaky gut syndromes.  You will often read that it is hereditary, however I do not believe in hereditary factors, as we can change our body and our mindset if we want to with lifestyle changes, diet and meditation.  I may do a blog later on that which is a another discussion.

So obviously a person has Crohn’s major changes in lifestyle and diet are needed.  However there is more help as well, with Chiropractic.  A research study (Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. 2002;4(4):131-141.) showed dramatic results of improved stable symptom remissions and some even had total symptom alleviation, in patients who received chiropractic care, especially in the 10th thoracic region (relating to the Adrenal Glands).  Another study in the 2007 New England Journal of Medicine, showed that n-3 fatty acids (fish oils) had a impressive results in helping patients with Crohn’s.

So in summary those with Crohn’s Disease should see a Chiropractor immediately, change their diet and stay away from any over the counter medications for inflammation as well as of course stop smoking…

Eric T. Evans, D.C.