Do you curse?

Aahhhh… The sun on my face, sand between my toes, the sound of waves, the call of the seagulls , smells of suntan lotion and salt air, blue skies… plus, I have a fantastic sandwich that I’m really looking forward to eating at lunchtime. It’s a perfect beach day down in Mannasquan, NJ. I am in my happy place! It’s packed on the beach today as everyone is enjoying the beautiful beach days left in our summer.  It’s the place I go to that I can breathe in all the senses of nature that touch my soul.  Such peace it brings me to look out into the ocean.

I take my seat ready to eat my lunch and I tune in to what “other sounds are around me.” What’s THAT I hear???? People cursing extremely loudly?  The young adults behind me are all cursing in normal conversation.  Dropping the “F” bomb in every sentence as they tell their stories to each other, as well as the other famous word that starts with “S and ends with T” .. you all know that word.  It continues.  I’m hoping that it stops soon as I look around at one of natures most beautiful places that’s being cursed upon. What is happening to my perfect beach day?  Do I have to listen to this?  Not even my music would be loud enough to drown out their fowl language.  And I’m thinking this is just great, I’m all set up and now I have to move.  Thinking to myself, “ouch, the sand is hot!” but I won’t participate in listening to this, and why should I?  I came to beach to breathe and chill out, and listening to this garbage-talk come out of their mouths is now stressing me out and now I’m just complaining! But I think I’m getting angry. Why am I angry? It’s the perfect beach day! So, I practice my breathwork that will cool me down and I decide that I now have to move my chair away from this group.  But, before I do, I begin to think and observe…

Why are they cursing? Why do I curse sometimes? (Yep, even I do) Wow, how it truly affects others when you curse. Well, in Kundalini yogic tradition, I’ve learned that the body is actually made up of 10 bodies! I’m thinking, hmmmmm, what body is out of balance that perhaps has something to do with this harsh language? So I dive into my research and I come up with not just one body out of balance, but three bodies are out of balance! The Soul body, the Physical body and the Subtle body! All are weakened. (It’s too much to explain in this first blog post, so I’ll just explain how all of those bodies relate to each other in regards to harsh language)

People curse because they are overwhelmed with life’s challenges. They are simply frustrated and angry. There is no grace or refinement in their speech and they are forgetting the trueness of their real self, the Divine parts of themselves. Well, life is going to give us challenges and it’s up to us how we navigate through those times with grace, strength and ease.  Just like the ocean, the tide rolls in, the tide rolls out.  Our tongues are related to our hearts, so why are we dis-heartening ourselves? That’s exactly what you do when you curse. You are out of your own heart. Listen folks, the world today is already upset, hurt and angry, why add to that with your bitter tongue? Why not be the change that is so required? You know, THE LIGHT! The kindness. The compassionate.

Try this breathwork when you catch yourself cursing or when you hear cursing:

Sitali Pranayam…. It soothes and cools the system down especially in the areas of 4th, 5th and 6th vertebrae of the spine.  It’s a detoxifying breath which leads to a new you. There are a ton of more positive affects with this breath, but to keep it simple, just try it when you are running hot. Catch yourself and get back into your heart and breathe.

Always tune in first with mantra..

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (repeat 3x)

Sit tall with a straight spine. Roll your tongue and extend just past your lips. I nhale through the curled tongue and exhale through the nose slowly.

Continue this for 1-3 minutes or 26 rounds (it doesn’t matter which, just breathe until feel calm)

To end, inhale through the nose, and hold your breath for a few seconds then exhale. Repeat. Feel the shift.

You might notice your tongue tasting bitter at first, but the more you practice this breathwork,  the sweeter it will become.

End your practice with the mantra: Sat Nam!

For it is the Sat Nam that will set you free from that anger. 

Part two to follow!


Kundalini with Kimberly


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