Do you curse? (Part 2)

Sat Nam all! This is our part 2 on cursing! Let’s get right to it!

In part 1, I explained what is out of balance regarding the body. In Kundalini Yoga tradition, I have learned that we have ten bodies. In my own findings, it seems that three out of the ten bodies are weakened and all may add to a fowl mouth.

The first body type that is out of balance is the Soul Body. The Soul Body is in fact the first body and relates to our “inner self.” It’s the voice that speaks to you and guides you to your true purpose. The Soul Body motto is “head versus heart.” So, when we curse, the question is, are you living from your ego or from your heart? Hopefully you answered EGO! That’s right folks, you are activating from the ego! That tricky ego! You are certainly not acting from the intuition of the heart center!

Now, this Soul Body is also connected to our root chakra. When someone curses and says the word “s?@t,” where do you think they are out of balance? Yes, in the root! (This is also where we eliminate.) When someone says that word, that’s exactly what they must do!!! This Soul Body is said to be the “meaning of why we are here, the lessons we are to learn.” I don’t think you want crappy lessons, do you? What you say with your tongue affects your reality. The other nine bodies that you have are “servants to this soul body,” so, if your saying “s*%t,” then you will s#^t, or, you will be in s*%t! Your root is so stuffed up and you must eliminate your own egoic self.

When you’re not eliminating properly in balance, your gut acquires more s#&t! (It relates to poor digestion so be cautious of what you’re eating!) A lot to think about the next time you hear this word!

What about that phrase,” God damn it?” Ouch! News flash, you are God! You hold the energy of God! You all have the energy forces of: G=Generating, O=Organizing and D=Delivering or Destroying! God is not a religion, God is an energy and when you “God damn” something, you are destroying you. You are proclaiming to the universe that you will damn up your creative manifestations!

Like a beaver that creates a damn in the river, well, you’re no different; You are restricting the flow of the beautiful, creative life force to your happiness. Why would you do that? Again, watch your words, they create your reality!

Finally, the last body that is affected by cursing is the Subtle Body! This is your refinement, your grace, your containment of communication. The Subtle Body is just that…subtle. It contains wisdom and knowledge of the infinity and works very closely with the Soul body! When this body is unbalanced, you can be crude with your speech. One way to balance this body is to simply speak nicely! In Kundalini Yoga, we chant and say mantras that help connect us to our hearts and our true selves. It’s certain combinations of sounds that project to universe an outcome.

One mantra that helps balance and strengthen the Subtle Body is the Sa Re Sa Sa mantra. It helps refine our speech. Try it by chanting it, singing it, or just simply saying it. The world can be a more refined, kind, graceful place all just by you working on yourself which ultimately will affect others positively!

Isn’t this a necessity now? The crudeness of others does not have to represent or affect you. Be different! Help make the shift and an example especially for our children.

Here is the Sa Re Sa Sa mantra below:

Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sarung, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har Harung!

(Allow your tongue to dance on the upper palette and have fun with the tune!)

Sending out vibration of grace and kind speech to all! Keep it real folks!


Until next time, Keep Calm and Sat Nam.

Kundalini with Kimberly

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