Why Infants Get Adjusted


I had the honor this week of checking an infant who was only two days old.  Checking newborns is vital to allow them to grow up healthy, without any interference caused by the birthing process and medical intervention during the birthing process.

If you have given birth or have been witness to giving birth, you understand that the fetus has to squeeze through a tiny birth canal only about 10 + or – centimeters in diameter.  All to often modern medicine often will intervene with procedures that often cause more complications and lead to the use of vacuum extraction (http://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/vacuum-extraction/basics/definition/prc-20020448) or cesarean sections. (https://www.nichd.nih.gov/health/topics/pregnancy/conditioninfo/Pages/cesarean.aspx)

Although the medical procedures may cause more torque to the neck of an infant even the natural birth process may cause this as well.  Any torque or pulling and twisting of the infants neck can cause a subluxation (http://medical dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/subluxation)  Specific chiropractors trained in the care of pediatrics are the only health care professionals that knows how to detect and correct spinal subluxations.  I personally have extensive experience and training in chiropractic pediatrics.  With only slight pressure and alignment, we are able to release the torque created in the birth process and any subsequent traumas that may occur to an infant, such as rolling off the bed.  The adjustment allows the entire nervous system to balance out and work to its optimum advantage leaving your infant healthier and a whole lot happier!!!   For more information, we deliver a health talk the first Tuesday of the every month at Evans Chiropractic in Hamilton Square where we go into detail of the benefits of chiropractic and other holistic health avenues.

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