Kids + Chiropractic

All too often when I am with clients I ask, “where are your children”?  “Why are the not getting a spinal check up?”   The inevitable answer I receive is that they do not have any problems or symptoms…  At this point I then proceed to explain to them the benefits of getting your child checked for spinal subluxations.

Spinal subluxations occur when a bone in the spine is misplaced or out of alignment.  When this occurs, there is interference to the nervous system creating malfunction and Dis-Ease in the body.  Unfortunately, only about 10% of the nerves demarilynal with feeling pain.  The other 90% deal with keeping the body functioning in what we call homeostasis (all body systems working in harmony).   So a child can seem fine on the outside and not have any symptoms, but be functioning at a limited potential, most often leading to problems later in life.

Because modern medicine likes to intervene with the natural birth process, all too often the first and worst subluxation to occur in an infant is during child birth.  There are many procedures that try to assist the babies exit through the birth canal or even during a C-section where there is pulling and twisting on the infant’s neck.  This can shift the top two vertebrae out of alignment causing possible:  pain, excessive crying, ear infections, constipation and colic as well as other more severe problems down the road.

If that was not cause enough, as a child begins to walk they end up falling over and over again causing more whiplash type injuries to their necks and hips.  As they grow, more and more kids are causing severe postural imbalances by playing video games, watching TV, looking on computers and now most of all, looking at their phones constantly.  Watch any adolescent when they are texting etc. on their phones, and you will see what I am talking about.  Severe postural imbalances are a direct cause of further subluxations in teens.  To add insult to injury we can top it off with many sports injuries.

There are many causes of spinal imbalances (subluxations) that lead to a variety of Dis-Eases (lack of ease in the body).  Too often symptoms are the last step in the imbalances of the spine.  As a chiropractor my job is to find the imbalances and interference to the nervous system and correct them with a spinal adjustment.  We are the only doctors who are trained and sufficient to perform spinal adjustments.  So if you leave your child at home when you go to the chiropractor or even if you do not go to the chiropractor yourself, you are letting them have the chance to have all the symptoms and problems you may be experiencing at this time.  You can prevent that!!!!

Dr. Eric Evans has been serving families for over 25 years.  His practice in Hamilton, NJ focuses on Holistic Health and Prevention Health for entire families from infants, children, adolescents, teens and adults.   Dr. Evans delivers a free monthly health talk discussing facts on Holistic health and maintaining better health.  It is held on the first Tuesday of the month with pizza and refreshments afterwards.

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