Tip of the week.  ZINCWith the typical american diet of: sugar, flour, diary and fried foods, and processed foods, many are deficient in zinc.  It can be stored in tissue but if you never fill up you could be deficient.  Fill up your supply with zinc rich foods such as: mushrooms (cooked or raw we always have them in the fridge), fresh or frozen if you have to vegetables (especially spinach), Lobster, Oysters (our favorite!), Dark Chocolate (must be at least 72% cocoa), and Raw or Dry Roasted Nuts (avoid nuts roasted with sunflower, safflower or other vegetable oils).Why is zinc important?  10 Reasons

  1. Enhances Immunity!!!!!
  2. Essential in Hormonal production and management
  3. Fights Oxidation, ie:  pollution, and free radicals
  4. Fights blood sugar spikes thus helps to fight diabetes development
  5. Enhances Cardiovascular Health
  6. Enhances Digestive Health
  7. Enhances Fertility (Still a benefit for older folks if you know what I mean)
  8. Ensures proper protein absorption
  9. Enhances Liver Health
  10. Enhances muscle health

If you may think you are deficient and you do not eat many vegetables and raw nuts you can help supplement.  We use Vimergy Brand liquid form sold on Amazon.  You can follow the directions on the bottle.Stay Healthy and Safe and any questions feel free to reply to contacts or call the office. 609-586-9199.

Dr. Eric Evans, (Husband, Father Chiropractor-Hamilton NJ)

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