So as many of your know there are three main allergy seasons (spring, summer, fall) that can produce many different symptoms. Since spring is in the air most allergens (substances that produce allergies) are produced from the trees creating new buds and spreading their pollen all in the air as a measure for re-productivity and survival. Creating a green film on anything outside, especially on my new white car.

What can we do to combat the symptoms of tearing eyes, runny nose, sneezing etc. that come to some in allergy season. Some may have it worse than others due to an oversensitive immune system. “Hay fever” happens when your immune system responds to an allergen that is usually harmless. During an allergy attack, the mast cells in the body recognize the pollen as harmful therefore they release histamines in an attempt to rid the body of the harmful substance. This results in increased mucus in the nose and eyes as well as sneezing to remove from the lungs.

  1. Balance the nervous system with regular chiropractic adjustments. Because of the direct link between the nervous system that controls the immune system. Many patients feel the benefits of balancing the immune system with regular chiropractic adjustments. I have noticed when I adjust especially the top two vertebrae in the neck, people have tremendous results.
  2. Balance your diet. If you are eating foods high in sugar, corn, corn by products, wheat, and dairy, there is a likely hood you are stressing the immune system, digestive system as well as your brain chemistry. Eating a diet high in fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins will balance out the digestive system which in turn balances the immune system.
  3. Limit stress. Do some breath work and meditations. Focus on your immune system and calmness. Be in gratitude for your wonderful body that is working so hard for you.
  4. Use antihistamines very sparingly. I know its easy to pick up some anti-histamines. These do work wonderful for a short time or only if the allergies are not tolerable. However the more you take the more immune your body gets to it and then you can have the rebound effect. This happens when the anti-histamine wears off. Your body then realizes it is in short demand of histamines due to the allergens and it produces way more than before you took the anti-histamine. Then most will reach for it again and have to double the dose this time for it to work and then you end up having to take it all the time every day, fighting your own bodies defense mechanisms and lowering your immune system.

Stop in at Evans Chiropractic give your nervous system and your immune system a tune up to limit the effects of allergies this spring season!!!

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