Athletes and Chiropractic

Its is the time of year when our teenagers are trying out for fall sports. This is also the time for a crucial Chiropractic check up.

Just about all professional, Olympic, College, and even High School Athletes use chiropractic to help limit injuries, enhance athletic abilities, increase flexibility, as well as to strengthen the body. Its so simple that some may overlook the importance of a Chiropractic adjustment in athletes. It starts with an analysis of the spine for what are called “Subluxations”. These are small dislocations caused by trauma to the spine and or body. When a subluxation exists in the spine it will cause interference to the central nervous system. The Central Nervous System controls every function of the the body including coordination, hand eye control, muscle strength, blood glucose levels, hormone levels etc. This is why it is imperative that these subluxations be removed to allow the body to function at an optimum level which will in turn create better athletic abilities.

Do not hesitate to get your children checked before any traumas and injuries create scar tissue which makes it much harder to get rid of the subluxations.

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