Crohn’s Disease

I am sure you may have heard of Crohn’s Disease before or you may know someone who is suffering from fits of it.

Crohn’s is an inflammation in the small intestines of the digestive tract, not to be confused with Ulcerative Colits which is in the colon.  There is no specific cause of Crohn’s however there are many factors that can contribute to it.  One big is from taking Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Motrin, Alieve etc.  Smoking is another complicating factor that definitely has shown to contribute to Crohn’s.  Diet consisting of high amounts of refined sugar and wheat, high fat with low fiber, high meat content and low vegetables, can cause inflation of the small intestines and leaky gut syndromes.  You will often read that it is hereditary, however I do not believe in hereditary factors, as we can change our body and our mindset if we want to with lifestyle changes, diet and meditation.  I may do a blog later on that which is a another discussion.

So obviously a person has Crohn’s major changes in lifestyle and diet are needed.  However there is more help as well, with Chiropractic.  A research study (Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. 2002;4(4):131-141.) showed dramatic results of improved stable symptom remissions and some even had total symptom alleviation, in patients who received chiropractic care, especially in the 10th thoracic region (relating to the Adrenal Glands).  Another study in the 2007 New England Journal of Medicine, showed that n-3 fatty acids (fish oils) had a impressive results in helping patients with Crohn’s.

So in summary those with Crohn’s Disease should see a Chiropractor immediately, change their diet and stay away from any over the counter medications for inflammation as well as of course stop smoking…

Eric T. Evans, D.C.

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