Life Expectancy on the decline

Life Expectancy Decreasing for the first time since 1993.
Bet you don’t guess why?

According to a report published in Medscape Medical News in September 2018, they found that for the first time in the United States since 1993 life expectancy at birth has decreased.  In addition to life expectancy for Health Statistics, death rates are up for five of the leading 12 causes of death including Alzheimer’s, suicide, chronic liver, septicemia, and unintentional

Let us think about how we are treating disease with the latest advancements in health care.  Today we have more medical doctors in the US. In 2016 there were almost 1 million active licensed physicians in the US this is up 12% from 2010. According to health care costs in 2016 rose 4.3% to 3.3 $$$$$$ Trillion Dollars, that is $10,348 per person in the US and they projected another 5.9% increase in 2018. To put it into perspective, our entire nation’s budget for 2016 was 4.1 $$$$ Trillion Dollars. That is only a difference of 8 Billion Dollars. So we are spending almost as much on health care as it takes to finance a country that is the leader of the entire world.

The question is?… With so much money time effort and research why is our life expectancy and overall health decreasing?
1. People first of all are not happy with the stress and pressure of the rising costs of not only health care but our cost of living. Suicide rates have increased 23% according to the
Medscape article.
2. Liver disease from alcohol abuse, prescription drugs, high fat diets, and other drug abuse has also risen dramatically.
3. Most of all drug overdoses grew 72% with most due to opioids that start with people with chronic pain issues.

It is time to WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!
More money to research is not the answer. More medicines are not the answer. More medical doctors are not the answer because we have been continuing to do that over the past 50 years and we are no closer to being happy and or being healthy!!!!

It is time for a Change of Perspective!!!!!
1. You and only you are in charge of your health. Take time to do your own research on how others are getting healthy. There are many alternative doctors, chiropractors and even many medical doctors who are fed up with the way things are going and are finding better ways to help with chronic pain, inflammation, auto immune diseases etc.. Most of these can be helped if not cured with diet and change of life styles.
2. You need to figure out what will make you happy and most of all focus on the positive aspects of your life as well as what you are blessed with in gratitude and not so much on the negative aspects and what you do not have in your life.
3. Start now with taking care of you and your health, don’t wait until you start having
symptoms, or other health problems. Eat healthy, exercise, work on your mental status
with prayer or meditations, and always make sure your nervous system is balanced with regular chiropractic care.

Our thoughts are powerful and can create our desires and passions in life…

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