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  1. I had a shoulder issue for over two years and sought-out relief from a wide range of health care practitioners. Not until I found Dr. Eric was I able to find any level of healing after only 9 visits. -Marcus Padulchick, N.D., PhD

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  2. I’ve searched for some kind of relief from constant headaches and I finally found it with Dr. Evans. Besides the awesome chiropractic adjustments, the office itself is beautiful, calm and relaxing. Evans Chiropractic has so much to offer.

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  3. The entire team at Evan’s Chiropractic is fantastic. You feel like you are part of the family when you are there. You are always welcome just to stop in and say hi! Love the way it’s growing by adding yoga, meditation and massage. The place is calming and beautiful. Can’t wait to see what’s next! 🙂

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  4. I have been having chiropractic therapy for the past four years. I am now on “maintenance” about every 4 or 5 weeks, but I always know when I’m due for a visit. I am never sick with colds and when I have any kind of ache or pain, the manipulation always takes care of it. I was certainly skeptical and even a little afraid to try chiropractic, but I am a believer now and credit Dr. Eric with keeping me feeling great. His office is warm and welcoming which is also a plus.

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  5. Over the past 4 months I have been coming to see Dr. Evans. This has been my first experience with chiropractic therapy and I was quite nervous about starting this. Dr. Evans is great! So calm & gentle, so knowledgeable and able to know right where I need treatment. I am feeling so much better since I’ve been coming to see him. It’s definitely a calming atmosphere from the moment you walk in the door. Olivia is great too and greets you with her warm smile that puts you right away in a more relaxed frame of mind. I would highly recommend Evans Chiropractic to anyone.

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  6. Chiropractic care has helped me deal with stress and allergies. Stress from work, life and driving hours each day causes tension in my neck and shoulders. Chiropractic care has helped align my spine and decrease tension. Dr. Evans tailors each adjustment/visit based on my current needs. He has helped relieve tension in my neck. He is also able to help my headaches and ears drain when I am dealing with my allergies.

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  7. Chiropractic care has given me better mental health, less pain and corrects my spine. Dr. Evans is awesome and the whole staff at Evans Chiropractic is awesome. Very caring, friendly and positive. They have helped me through so many difficult times and when I was in pain. I HIGHLY recommend Evans Chiropractic for all your needs. From chiropractic to massages. And they never judge you!! It’s like a family.

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  8. There were times where I couldn’t move from back pain and pain in my legs. Dr. Eric adjusted me and I could finally walk, stand up and straight. Dr. Eric saved me from going to the hospital a lot of times. I bring my family and they all love it, too!!! I’ve met a lot of new friends at Evans Chiropractic.

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  9. Overall, we have been healthier, both myself (37 years old) and my daughter (2 years old) We have avoided taking antibiotics and over the counter medications the last 2 years and much of that is because of our regular visits to Dr. Evans. We are always greeted with a smile upon arrival and we appreciate the time Dr. Evans gives us and the other resources offered at the office.

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  10. Chiropractic care has been great for chronic pain in my spinal/neck area. It relieves part of my breathing problems, increasing oxygen. It’s also increased mobility and mental clarity. The staff at Evans Chiropractic is very friendly, professional and easy to work with. My experience here seems to be very intuitive and knowledgeable.

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  11. My back has never felt better!!!!! Dr. Eric is amazing and very informative and open to healing in ways that other doctors have not yet come in touch with yet.

    Kundalini Yoga at Evans Chiropractic has changed my life. It makes me focus on my inner turmoil and become aware of what is going on inside instead of focusing on outside factors. It has helped me heal so many childhood traumas and most of all, it has taught me to be still in the moment and to breathe!! Kundalini Yoga is a beautiful way of releasing old emotions that are lingering in our body and mind.

    Kimberly is a beautiful soul and she radiates LIGHT and LOVE for all that she touches. I have been working with Kimberly for a couple of months now and not only do I feel a shift physically, I feel it spiritually and mentally. She is highly informative and very in-tune with her higher self. I recommend coming to one of her classes; it is a miracle to be able to come to this class because every time I do, it shifts my perception and opens up my awareness. Kundalini Yoga is a lifesaver!!

    I HIGHLY recommend this place. It has changed my life.

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  12. Dr. Evans is not only an extraordinary, caring, gentle chiropractor, he is also an excellent healer. His adjustments provide healing at a very deep level and have helped me tremendously.

    Kimberly the Kundalini Yoga teacher is passionate about her practice and provides a remarkable class filled with valuable information as well as laughter. Kimberly puts her heart and soul into teaching the class and I always leave feeling restored.

    Olivia, the office manager, always has a smile on her face and is charming and helpful.

    Evans Chiropractic is a beautiful and peaceful space that provides a safe environment to heal.

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  13. Eric came to give me an adjustment when I was in labor and it shifted everything. I had been having back labor for over 12 hours and it was feeling endless. The contractions felt very different after Eric adjusted me and my mental strength also increased. Baby was born an hour and a half later! I saw Eric during my pregnancy as well and didn’t experience any back pain or sciatica. For my first pregnancy, I didn’t see a chiropractor and I had more physical discomfort. I highly recommend Eric to pregnant women and for everyone. It’s also excellent for babies, helps with their digestion and reflux and much more.

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  14. If you are reading this, and have been skeptical about seeing a chiropractor, I hope this will change your mind — as mine was. My boss, who had broken his neck when he was young, had been treated by Dr. Eric, and recommended that I go see him after I had “thrown my back out”. Every step I took was agony, but after just one adjustment, I felt relief. After a few more sessions, I was back to running again. Dr. Eric knows his stuff. It had been a couple of years, but once again I recently “threw my back out” (you’d think I’d know better by now), and went back to Dr. Eric for help. He treated me like a long lost friend and is once again helping me get back to running form. No appointment is necessary, but I don’t think I’ve waited more than 5 minutes to be seen. The office staff are always pleasant. Parking is easy too. Don’t think about this….if you need an “adjustment”…go see Dr. Eric. It’s a no brainer.

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  15. Before my treatment this morning, I was reading a handout about colds and chiropractic. I told Dr. Evans when he came in that I should be pictured on a brochure. I explained that when I was 18, I had a terrible car accident and shortly after that, I started with chiropractic treatments. I am now 72 and still going for treatments. During my nearly 50 year working career, I have missed less than 10 days of work and have enjoyed a healthy life. Thanks to Dr. Evans.

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  16. Getting out of bed each morning has become much less painful after a few weeks of treatments with Evans Chiropractic. My lower back pain and very tight neck and shoulders were something I thought I’d need to accept due to getting older. Also to my surprise, treatment of plantar fascitis and torn rotator cuff has resulted in significant improvement without surgery. The office has a nice, peaceful environment conducive to relaxation and the wait time is never too long. With each visit, Dr. Eric immediately will ask how I’ve been since the last treatment. This allows me to express where I might need additional focus on that day’s visit. Regardless of what subject I’ve brought up (type of bed mattress questions, sleep positions, diet, exercise, etc.) I’ve been given information that’s always been helpful.

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  17. I’ve been going to Evans Chiropractic for years now and it’s been so unbelievably helpful for my back injury! I came in with a limp and a pinched nerve, and in a few months was able to walk much better with way less pain. I now come in for regular adjustments that help my allergies and help me sleep better. Everyone is super professional and friendly and the office is a nice calm place. All of my concerns are always addressed and listened to, and the regular adjustments have kept me active and out of the hospital. I would recommend this place for anyone who nervous about going to a chiropractor because it will put you at ease and be very helpful!


  18. Just wanted to leave a feedback of my continued massages with Katie. She is a thorough and competent massage therapist. She is also very personable with a great sense of humor. She likes to know the problem areas and work on them. I know her for almost 10 years now and never thought of going to anybody else for massages. I highly recommend Katie if anybody is looking for a good massage therapist. And, I wish her all the best!

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