Have you read this story?

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Have you read this story? I was gifted a gentle reminder of this wonderful story on Easter Sunday. My daughter was spending time with a dear friend and she read this story to her.. My daughter is 18! My friend is 50! To you my dear friend, this is a thank you! You are truly an angel in disguise to have taken the time to read a story to my daughter and to my surprise, but not so shocked.. my daughter listened. Not only did she listen, but she was inspired to write a thesis for one of her college essays. Yogi Bhajan’s quote today is: “Children need to be nurtured. Give them a higher view, an expanded consciousness, and help them to be successful in their own identity.” Coincidence? There are no coincidences in life.  Every message comes at the perfect timing when we are ready to listen. Today in this world, you see children getting shot at, you see children on their phones, computers, iPads, iPods, anything and everything technical, they are plugged into! The parents.. where are they? Where is the stay-at-home mom these days? She is out working a couple of jobs then picking up her kids, tending to whatever meal she can get on the table, doing homework, running kids around for their activities, and oh yeah having a relationship with her husband. How is all this possible? It’s not. It’s too much and the kids today are plugging into the wrong source! This world has become so off balance in our society. The children today must be taught how to plug into to true source, the one source that is their own consciousness! But, how can they be taught that when their parents aren’t plugged into their true selves??? My daughter listened to the story being read to her. Do you listen? Do you know how to listen? Can you hear the subtlety of your own inner compass guiding you? This wonderful story is a reminder to us all to get back to knowing whom your true self is and to be proud of it! When it’s the perfect time, the universe will reward you, but you must plug into the listening part; the quiet whisper that tells you and guides you on your souls mission. How? Develop your intuition. Start there. Start to tap into that source, and not a computer source! Get back to the basics of life when everything was simpler. Meditate! The kids today are lost, do your part to guide them in knowing their true selves than maybe this world will have a better chance of living in happiness, kindness, wisdom, courage like the book.  Be the bunny with the gold shoes and start stepping into your happiness.  The children need you. Read the book, practice your Kundalini yoga and teach your children to still the mind. They are filled with pressures in today’s society. Help them. Be with them. Teach them. Ask them how they are doing and listen to them! And what about chiropractic care? Do you even know what it is? It’s not just for back pain. It’s for the whole body to be healthy! Get the children healthy! Ask Dr. Eric how it helps. My biggest thing lately is Attitude Adjustments! That’s right, you get a complete emotional release when you are adjusted and get this: your attitude gets readjusted! You’re happier! How about that! My other daughter (who is in high school) gets weekly attitude adjustments and why is that? Because the pressures of today’s school system and expectations that are placed on her from others! It’s no wonder why these kids are stressed, angry and taking it out on others. Parents (especially the stay at home moms) that feel unappreciated.. believe me you are doing your job for a better world in keeping active and involved with your children!
Back to the book: the mom raised her children teaching them and then yes, it is possible that her dream comes true! All you have to do is just be the real you and proud of the real you! Now, go put your golden shoes on.
Peace and kindness to all,
Kundalini with Kimberly


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