Why Do We Take Antibiotics???

Yes, it’s the holidays.  We all stress ourselves out by running around in crowded shopping malls, staying up late wrapping presents or online shopping, eating sugar and cookies, drinking more wine and beer than normal, and most of all, running up the credit cards spending way too much money on presents.  Then, when the dust clears, […]

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Disease vs. Dis-Ease

As a chiropractor in the Hamilton, New Jersey area, I am required to ask if my patients have any diseases or symptoms on their first visit.  Sometimes, I receive a list of problems or diseases that people think they may have or that have been given to them.  Many are happy with just a name […]

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An Avenue for Wellness

I am happy that you have chosen Chiropractic as an avenue towards wellness.  Over the past 23 years, I have had the honor of assisting thousands of individuals in the improvement of their lives.  My ultimate goal is to empower you to make choices that support you on your path of healing.  I believe in […]

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