That Allergy Thing

“So, did you beat that allergy thing yet?” “Nope! Let me tell you something, I have been on every allergy drug and then some! At the same time and then separate. Afrin is my enhancer when I really want the drugs to work! My sinuses are just so stuffed up I must find relief so […]

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Allergies + Chiropractic

Is your nose itching?  The old saying is that if your nose is itching, someone is going to kiss you.. Realistically, it could mean many things, but most commonly, it is from an allergen or something that causes allergies. What some may not know is that allergies are actually an overactive immune response to a […]

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An Avenue for Wellness

I am happy that you have chosen Chiropractic as an avenue towards wellness.  Over the past 23 years, I have had the honor of assisting thousands of individuals in the improvement of their lives.  My ultimate goal is to empower you to make choices that support you on your path of healing.  I believe in […]

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