After more than 20 years traveling the world in various sales and consulting roles, Marie realized something was missing from her life.  She began her training in Reiki & Laughter Wellness in 2011 and has shifted her work-life focus to healing energy. marie headshot Marie is a certified Reiki Master (Usui Tradition) and a Certified Laughter Wellness Instructor (Through the World Laughter Tour and Laughter Yoga University)  She teaches pathways to well-being based on the amazing power of laughter and healthy attitudes.  Marie is passionate about bringing joy into the lives of those she touches.  Her mission, with your help, is to lead the world to health, happiness, and peace, through laughter and energetic healing.  When she is not working with clients, you will likely find her enjoying time with her husband, Ben, or “playing” in her craft room making greeting cards.

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