Dr. Eric Evans

My philosophy, that health and healing start from within, has been at the heart of who I am as a person as well as incorporated into my chiropractic practicmarilyn (2).jpge  for 24+ years. I have  found that a direct, hands-on approach with consistent awareness and education yields the best results for for those who come to me for help with a wide variety of health issues.   As a father and business owner I  know firsthand the demands of today’s lifestyle and the ever increasing need to regain and maintain a level of wellness to keep us at the best we can be.  I have and will continue to provide care for children,  busy moms,  teenagers, adults as well as seniors.  I enjoy getting to know each of person who enters my office to be able to tailor my techniques to their specific needs.  When I am not providing chiropractic care, you will most likely find me spending time with my children, mountain biking, snowboarding, on my motorcycle, or in a yoga class.

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